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November 2018

Delivering Results that Improve Your Mobility and Quality of Life

PennDOT oversees programs and policies affecting highways, urban and rural public transportation, airports, railroads, ports, and waterways. More than three-quarters of PennDOT's annual budget is invested in Pennsylvania's approximately 120,000 miles of state and local highways and 32,000 state and local bridges. PennDOT is directly responsible for nearly 40,000 miles of highway and roughly 25,000 bridges, a system first established in 1911.

A comprehensive summary of accomplishments and funding usage in 2017 can be found in our 2017 Annual Report (PDF).

More than 3,493 miles of roadway were improved by department forces from January 1 through October 21 this year.

Asphalt Usage Infographic

Through July, PennDOT crews had applied more than 109,000 tons of asphalt for pothole patching operations this year.

PennDOT's 2017 roadway data based on the International Roughness Index shows that statewide, 57 percent of state-maintained roadways are in excellent or good condition, with a two-percent increase in "excellent" roadway miles since 2015.

Since January 2015, there are 819 more state-maintained bridges in good condition, the number in poor condition has dropped by 1,044, and the number in fair condition has increased by 95. See the condition of bridges near you on our Bridge Conditions Map.

From January 2018 through July 13, 2018, 171 construction contracts for highway, bridge, and other improvement projects were completed statewide through PennDOT's private-sector partners.

PennDOT has put out 1,087 bridge projects and 2,465 projects for roadway and other improvement projects worth approximately $9.75 billion since January 2015. See projects happening or planned near you at PennDOT's Project Website.

Supporting and Enhancing All Travel Modes

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There are 203 compressed natural gas-powered transit vehicles in operation at Pennsylvania transit agencies. In 2017, 321 transit vehicles were replaced throughout Pennsylvania with the help of state funding.

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Container lifts and containers at the Port of Philadelphia due to PA Intermodal Cargo Growth Incentive program:

  • 15,696 in 2017 containers/container lifts were added
  • 78,916 total increased containers since 2015
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61 aviation projects awarded $18 million in funding (FY 2016-17).

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Keystone corridor passenger trips:

  • Keystone — 1,538,164
  • Pennsylvanian — 222,348
  • TOTAL — 1,760,512

Visit for more information.

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Rail freight projects were also a priority in 2017 including the following:

  • 34 Rail Freight Projects approved
  • 5 Rail Transportation Assistance Program (RTAP) projects completed in CY 2017 (23 track miles improved/added)
  • 8 Rail Freight Assistance program (RFAP) projects completed in CY 2017 (19 track miles improved/added)

Driver & Vehicle Services

PennDOT's Driver & Vehicle Services issues 10.3 million driver's license and photo IDs each year, and registers 11.8 million vehicles.

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71 Driver License Centers offer information on the Motor Vehicle Network, 50 locations have optional queuing text notifications, and select locations even have free customer Wi-Fi.

2016-17 Motor License Fund Expenditures

(Dollars in millions)