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Project Overview

State Route 0322 & 0222 is an existing standard diamond configuration interchange with signals located at the ramp intersection with SR 0322.  The projects primary goal is increasing safety and secondary goals of improving traffic operations and accommodating non-motorized modes of transportation.  An alternative has been developed to reconfigure the interchange as the best approach to achieve these goals.

  • A Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) configuration in that traffic on SR 0322 crosses to the left side of the road at signalized intersections prior to SR 0222.  This allows for direct left turns to/from the SR 0222 ramps.  Traffic on SR 0322 crosses back to the right side of the road at the far side signalized intersection. 

This type of configuration reduces the number of conflict points substantially from the standard diamond interchange, particularly the left turning movement.

Project Contact

David Fratangeli, Project Manager
717-705-6176 |

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