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Philadelphia Paving

The PennDOT District 6 Five-Year Resurfacing Plan is dynamic and updated each year based on changes in pavement conditions on state highways in the five-county Philadelphia region. This plan is designed to resurface pavements most in need of attention and aggressively apply preventative maintenance strategies on other state roads to keep them in serviceable condition.

The Five-Year Resurfacing Plan is systemically developed for each county through a combination of methods that ranks the condition of state roads by their Overall Pavement Index (OPI).  As part of the process, follow-up field views are performed by our maintenance staff to verify pavement conditions.  The combination of the field views and OPI condition ratings determine the roads scheduled for paving.

The OPI measures roughness as well as pavement distress for asphalt and concrete roadways.  Pavement distress signs can include cracking, edge deterioration, patching, ruts, faulted joints, and broken slabs.

Please be advised that the District 6 Five-Year Resurfacing Plan can change due to the mildness or severity of the winter season and the resulting cost savings or overruns that may be realized, and due to any unexpected emergencies that may arise.