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Yellow PennDOT plow driving in heavy snow. 

PennDOT wants to keep people moving — when they want, where they want. The reality, though, is Pennsylvania sees some tough weather conditions — especially in winter — that can wreak havoc even against the best-laid plans.

PennDOT still understands winter services are the measure we are judged by, and our commitment to you this year and every year is that we will be prepared and dedicated to keeping roads open and passable during every storm.

Please use the information on these pages to learn the details of our approach to winter, and how we maintain nearly 40,000 miles of roads and 25,000 bridges statewide — which translates into nearly 94,000 snow-lane miles, or enough to circle the globe nearly four times.

We ask that you also do your part in winter. Be mindful of winter weather forecasts, and consider changing long-distance travel plans or taking needed supplies if you must travel far in storms. Regardless of whether there’s snow on the ground, you can take steps now to prepare yourself for all that winter brings.