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Project Overview

The local interchange project is the first phase of a 3-phase project to build local access, a high-speed interchange connection between I-99 and I-80, and to make improvements on Jacksonville Road. An initial $35 million for the project was announced in July of 2018, coming through an INFRA (Infrastructure for Rebuilding America) grant. It was the only project in PA to be realized through INFRA funding. Completion of all three phases will support regional freight economy and improve the reliability of roadway travel throughout the region.

The overall project will allow for safer travel between I-99, I-80, Route 26, and other local roads. The projects will enhance safety, ease congestion during high traffic times, and help to move goods and services more conveniently. The completed project will connect two critical highway and freight interstates.

The three phases of the project include:

The I-80 Local Access Interchange (I-80/A18) will provide direct access between SR 26 and I-80 at a standard diamond interchange and will only be utilized by local traffic destined to SR 26. This project is under construction, with winter shutdown expected by Thanksgiving.

The Jacksonville Road Betterment (26/147) will reconstruct and widen SR 26 to maintain and support the State roadway network. It will feature 11-foot travel lanes and 4-foot shoulders.   Cost estimate is:  $4 - 6 million                            Scheduled to bid October 20, 2022

The I-80 High Speed Interchange (I-80/B18) will provide a direct connection between I-99 and I-80 via high speed ramps, eliminating the need to travel along SR 26 to access either highway. The stop-controlled intersections will be eliminated with the project and realigned to service local traffic. Cost estimate is $175 million. Scheduled to bid February 16, 2023

The reliability of the I-99 and I-80 corridors will be increased due to the direct accesses that the project will provide. By directly connecting I-99 and I-80 and eliminating the stop controlled intersections at the ramp, passenger vehicles, commercial trucks, and other vehicles will be able to arrive to destinations more reliably and safely.

Project Contact

General Contact for All Projects

Marla Fannin, Community Relations Coordinator


Contacts for 1-80/A18:

Peter Hall, Inspector in Charge


Contacts for I-80/B18

Craig Sattesahn, Design Project Manager


Contacts for Jacksonville Road Betterment

Steven Rusnak, Design Project Manager


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