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Posted and Bonded Roads Industry Outreach Training

Welcome to the Posted and Bonded Roads "Informational Resources" webpage where materials from the June 2016 training workshops are available for viewing and download.

The training sessions covered regulations and related policy in the Posted and Bonded Roads chapter in PennDOT's Maintenance Manual (Publication 23, Chapter 15). The training topics included the responsibilities of heavy haulers and Posting Authorities in the inspection, posting, bonding, permitting and improvement of roads to protect and preserve structural integrity, safety, and mobility for the motoring public.

The following training resources are available for download:

Training Invite (PDF)

Training Agenda​​ (PDF)

PPT Presentation (PDF)

Sheets (PDF)

Follow-up Q&A (PDF)

Chapter 15 (PDF)

District Coordinator Contact List (PDF)

PennDOT Posted Roads Web Viewer

PennDOT Type 3 Maps (featuring State Route Numbers)

PennDOT Type 10 Maps (featuring Route Segment Offsets)