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Public Transit

Pennsylvania invests over $1.5 Billion annually in public transportation – ranking fourth in the nation in direct support for public transportation. PennDOT oversees operating and capital investments for 35 fixed route (scheduled local bus, light rail and commuter rail) systems, 44 community transportation systems, passenger rail service between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, and 12 intercity bus routes provided by two intercity bus companies. Pennsylvania fixed route transit systems provided over 423 million trips in FY 16-17. During that same year, Amtrak passenger rail service provided over 1.5 million trips on the Keystone Corridor between Harrisburg and Philadelphia and over 222,000 trips on the Pennsylvanian which provides rail service between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. In addition, Lottery funds allowed senior citizens to take over 3.7 million trips on community transportation curb to curb service at reduced fares. Persons with disabilities also used community transportation curb to curb service at reduced fares and took over 413,000 trips.

The breadth of public transportation, the availability of multiple public transportation options and programs which make service accessible and affordable help to make Pennsylvania a good choice for residents and businesses and contribute to economic development.

Pennsylvania Vanpool Incentive Program (PVIP)

The Pennsylvania Vanpool Incentive Program (PVIP) is a grant program that provides an economic incentive to create new vanpools by subsidizing vanpool user fees for a three year period.

Pennsylvania Vanpool Incentive Program PowerPoint (PWPT)

Pennsylvania Vanpool Incentive Program Guidelines (PDF)

If you have any questions, or would like information on how to submit an application, please email