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Rail Freight

Pennsylvania ranks first in the country in the number of operating railroads (65) and also ranks near the top in total track mileage (more than 5,600 miles).  PennDOT provides financial and technical assistance to railroads and businesses while promoting economic development through its grant programs and other resources.


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Pennsylvania ranks 9th in the county for volume of goods moved through its ports with over 100 million tons of goods moving through the ports of Erie, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. These three ports provide an economic benefit of nearly $50 billion to the Commonwealth.
  • The Port of Philadelphia is the fourth largest port in the United States for the handling of imported goods.
  • The Port of Pittsburgh is the second busiest inland port in the United States.
  • The Port of Erie has the largest crane, 300 ton capacity, and one of the two 1,000 foot long dry docks on the Great Lakes.
The department’s ports program was created to oversee and administer the allocation of state funds to the three ports. It also serves as an advocate for both public and privately owned and operated ports.
As part of its advocacy efforts, the department has created the Ports Incentive Program as a way to entice shippers to increase their shipping volume through the three ports.

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