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Secretary of Transportation

Leslie S. Richards

In her two years as secretary of PennDOT, Leslie S. Richards has instituted new strategic directions based upon a policy of sustainable infrastructure investments as well as innovation throughout the department.

She instituted the Transportation Investment Plan, a metric-driven strategic investment approach for the 12 Year Capital Program where progress toward reducing structurally deficient bridges and accomplishing more roadway reconstruction in each district and planning region was measured and benchmarked toward statewide goals.

In addition, the secretary recently announced a $2.1 billion maintenance and system preservation initiative, termed PennDOT Road MaP, to address improved maintenance of the state's 40,000 miles of roads along with an increased emphasis on the interstate system.

She also launched a new initiative, called PennDOT Connects, for the planning and delivery of capital and maintenance projects. This new policy will enhance PennDOT's collaboration with our local governments and ensure that the department's investments consider the mobility needs of our communities in project design.

Her vision is a PennDOT with continuing improved efficiencies to meet the funding challenges ahead, a diversified workforce that offers employees fulfilling career opportunities, and a broadened planning and project development process that considers input from all stakeholders reflecting a truly multimodal approach.

She recently was honored in New York City with the 2016 Gold Stevie Awards for Female Innovator of the Year and Female Executive of the Year.

A graduate of Brown University and the University of Pennsylvania, she has also served her township and county as a local elected official in Montgomery County while working in various capacities in the planning and engineering fields.