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CADD Resources

PennDOT's CADD Resource Files site is provided by the CADD Support Unit in Montoursville. PennDOT currently utilizes MicroStation V8i SS3. If you load this workspace to your system, you can have the same work environment that PennDOT's CADD operators use. If you prefer to only use parts of the workspace, look under the V8i Workspace > Projects > English folder for such things as: symbology, fonts, cells, and seed files. Since all of these are now included under the V8i Workspace folder, we have removed the individual folders from the site.

Strike-off letters formerly available as part of our resource files are available on the ECMS site. As a Business Partner, you may obtain the complete list of SOL's under the References tab. If you are not a business partner, you may become one, free of charge, by going to ECMS and looking under the Business Partner tab.

PennDOT's AutoTab is available to consultants. AutoTab is the approved method of developing tabulation and summary sheets for pay items, and for creating the data file that is required by ECMS. To order AutoTab, send a request for information to


​AutoTAB Resource Files > Shared Documents >
Updates >

 Updated 4/15/14

AutoTAB update

AutoTAB Resource Files > Shared Documents >
Updates >

 Updated 4/20/10

AutoTAB update

AutoTAB Resource Files > Shared Documents >
Updates > TabItems >

 Updated 1/5/16

AutoTAB update

CADD Resource Files > Shared Documents >

 Added 1/28/15

Updated Type 10 Maps

CADD Resource Files > Shared Documents >
MicroStation Workspaces > New OpenRoads Test

 Added 2/4/15

OpenRoads Workspace

CADD Resource Files > Shared Documents >
Standards > rc > June_2010_Edition

 Added 6/9/10

 ​Latest Edition of Pub. 72M RC Standards

CADD Resource Files > Shared Documents >
Standards > bc > Sept_2016_Edition

 Added 11/3/16

​Latest Edition of Pub. 219M BC  Standards

CADD Resource Files > Shared Documents >
Standards > bd > Apr_2016_Edition

 Added 5/17/16

Latest Edition of Pub. 218M BD Standards

 CADD Resource Files > Shared Documents >
Standards > tc > Publication 111 >

 Added 8/19/13

Latest Edition of Pub. 111 TC Standards

 CADD Resource Files > Shared Documents >
Standards > rc > June_2010_Edition_Change3

 Added 8/10/17 

 Updates for RC Standards and RC Index Sheet

​CADD Resource Files > Shared Documents >
Standards >  bc > Sept_2016_Edition_Change1
​Added 08/10/17 ​Updates for the BC Standards
​CADD Resource Files > Shared Documents >
Standards > bd >  Apr_2016_Edition_Change1
​ Added 08/10/17 Updates for the BD Standards


Downloading Files

AutoTAB Resources Files

CADD Resource Files

To access the above links, you will need an ID and Password for the department's SharePoint system. If you do not already have a SharePoint account, please self-register on the Commonwealth's registration site.

Once self-registration is complete, or if you have an existing PennDOT SharePoint account, please send an email to with the following information so we can grant you access to the CADD Resources SharePoint site:

  • Company Name
  • Contact Name
  • Job Title
  • Telephone & Fax
  • Email
  • Username




How do I obtain a Username and Password?

See Downloading Files section above.

Note: PennDOT provides a SharePoint site that can be used to share large files between applications and the business partner community.

Can these files be used in any CADD software?

The department's standard CADD software is MicroStation®, a product of Bentley Inc., Exton, PA. It is department policy that all CADD files exchanged with business partners be in MicroStation® format. Therefore, the data provided are intended for use in MicroStation®, or the department's design software InRoads®, a Bentley product. The department does not provide CADD data in other formats.

May I use another CADD software to prepare drawings?

Business partners are not restricted from using any brand of CADD software as their CADD platform. The requirement is only for exchange of data in MicroStation® or InRoads® formats. Software products are available to provide conversion of MicroStation® files to other formats.

I cannot find the Strike-Off Letter I am looking for.

Strike-off letters are now only available from ECMS.

I do not see the correct fonts when using your design files.

Please refer to the symbology section of the CADD Resource Files Contents document. This document is located in the MicroStation Workspaces folder and can be accessed once you have logged onto the CADD Resource Files SharePoint site.

How do I contact you?

See the Contact Us area.