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PennDOT’s Washington County Maintenance Update


PennDOT’s Washington County Maintenance Update
Week of January13, 2020

Washington – Washington County Acting Maintenance Manager, J. Scott Finch, announced the following tentative work plan for the week of January 13, 2020.  All maintenance activities are conducted on a weather-permitting basis.  Motorists should drive with caution throughout all work areas and be alert for signed work zones requiring the usage of headlights.

Repairing of pipe is scheduled for SR231 (Segment 50) – East Finley Drive.  Pipe Flushing is planned for SR 2027 (Segment 10 to 100) (Dally Road, State Street and Twilight Hollow Road).

Repair work on washouts is planned for SR 136 (Segment 180 to 350) – Main Street.

Crack sealing is scheduled for SR 18 (Segment 680 to 710) – Main Street.

Shoulder cutting is planned for SR 231 (Segment 10 to 400) – East Finley Drive and North Road. 

Boom mowing and/or brushing is planned for SR 2026 (Segment 10 to 110) – Ridge Road and Main Street.