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District 12 Construction Update


​District 12 Construction Update

District-wide Projects

Repaving and Joint Repair Project – 12-18-CJR – SR 79-0 – This project is to perform center and edge line joint repair on Interstates 70 and 79 throughout Greene, Washington and Westmoreland counties as needed to preserve pavement and improve ride quality. This also includes work on a portion of I-70 in Washington County between Bentleyville Interchange and Centerville Interchanges.  Lane Construction Corporation of Cheshire, CT is the apparent low bidder with a contract amount of $13.3 Million.  There will also be rock scaling on various routes in the counties.
Update: This job will be paving near Southpoint both Northbound and Southbound lanes on I-79 until Monday Oct. 15th at 6:00 AM.

High Friction Surface Treatment / Raised Pavement Markers — These will occur on various routes in Fayette, Greene, Washington and Westmoreland counties. The project work will place a high friction surface in various areas that are prone to vehicles sliding on the roadway on curves or at intersections.  The project has been awarded to RAM Construction Services of Michigan for $1.09 million.
Update:  This project is completed except for some sweeping in some of the areas that the surface was installed.  


Fayette County

Route 4028 (Grindstone Road) over Rowes Run – Route 4028 D11 – This project includes the replacement of two structures – one over Rowes Run and one over Redstone Creek in Redstone Township. The contractor on this $3 million project is Clearwater Construction, Inc. it will tentatively complete in October 2018.
Update:  Construction is complete and the bridge is open to traffic.

Project #98411 Route 166 from Hibbs to Brownsville SR 166 06R –This is a pavement preservation and safety improvement project for Route 166 in Hibbs to Brownsville in German, Luzerne and Redstone townships in Fayette County. The project includes base repair, milling, resurfacing, slide repair, bridge spall repair, signal replacement, drainage, guide rail, tree trimming, delineation and signing. The project is located on Route 166 between Route 4004 (Ralph - New Salem Road) and Route 40.  The contract has been awarded to A. Folino Construction for $4.57 million.
Update:  Paving has started from New Salem Road intersection on Route 166 towards Route 40.  This work will be done under flagging operations when needed. Please drive slowly and be aware of construction personnel and equipment.

Project # 108301 12-18-SI1-1 SIP Fayette - Surface improvement contract of certain sections of two State Routes in Fayette County. Construction consists of milling, superpave asphalt courses, base repair, pavement markings, drainage, culvert replacements, and other miscellaneous construction on all or portions of the selected State Routes.
            SR 40 (Redstone and Menallen Townships) – Completed.
            SR 201 (Perry Township and City of Connellsville) – Milling, base repair, paving.

Project #107346 – Ohiopyle Multimodal Gateway – The project will address the safest way to get pedestrians, specifically kayakers from the parking areas to the new visitor's center and the entrance to the boat launches, as well as bridge rehabilitation activities to the structure carrying Route 381 over the Youghiogheny River at the Northern limit of the project. The apparent low bidder is on this $12.4 million project is Plum Contracting.

Project #75996 SR 201 – J10 – This project is for the replacement of the structure carrying Route 201 (Blue Star Road) over Virgin Run in Franklin Township, Fayette County. The existing structure will be replaced with a single cell precast concrete box culvert. The existing horizontal alignment has an undesirable reverse curve and the proposed alignment is designed to eliminate the curve.


Washington County
Interstate 70 Bentleyville Interchange – SR 70 21H –This project involves the total reconstruction of Interstate 70 from approximately ¾ mile west of the Ginger Hill interchange (Exit 32-A) extending east approximately ¾ mile west of the Bentleyville interchange (Exit 32-B). The project includes the widening of Interstate 70 to provide a wider median; lengthening and reconfiguring ramp acceleration and deceleration lanes; replacement of the bridge carrying I-70 over Route 2040, Pigeon Creek, and Norfolk Southern Railroad; replacement of the bridge carrying Route 917 over I-70; and secondary roadway improvements. This work will occur in Washington County within the Borough of Bentleyville, and Somerset and Fallowfield Townships. Completion is scheduled for December 2018. The Contractor on this $75.9 million project is Golden Triangle Construction Company, Inc.
Update: Work is in the final phases on this project. West bound traffic has been shifted onto the new concrete roadway. Work is now primarily concentrated in the median area. Motorists are still urged to use caution while travelling thru the project.

Interstate 70 from Beau Street to Route 519 – SR 70 T10/W31 – This project is for the reconstruction of the Interstate. Interstate 70 (I-70) between Beau Street (Route 136) and the State Route 519 Interchange.  The project is a combination of two sections of I-70.  The western section of the project (Section T10) from Beau Street to I-79 South Junction is the second phase of the Department’s plan to widen I-70 from two lanes to three lanes in each direction between the I-79 North and South Junctions. The Beau Street Interchange (Exit 20) at the western end of the project will remain as it exists today. 
The eastern portion of the project (Section W31) from I-79 South Junction to the Route 519 interchange will reconstruct the four-lane section of I-70. The contractor on this $118 million project is The Lane Construction Corporation. It will tentatively complete in October 2020.
Update: Interstate 70 is maintaining 2 lanes of traffic in each direction. W31: crews are excavating for widening eastbound and westbound, T10: contractor is excavating waste sites. Cross-over installed (Traffic is being split at this location one lane is on eastbound lanes and one lane on westbound new concrete), continue to place drainage in median, placing concrete perm base main line westbound for future concrete paving which is to start on October 16th.
D-12 Superstructure 2017-1 SR 221-03M – This project is for the superstructure replacement of 8 bridges located in Washington County. The work consists of abutment rehabilitation, beam replacement, deck replacement, minor approach work and other miscellaneous construction. The locations are Route 221/03M in Blaine Township over Buffalo Creek between Buffalo Creek Road and Route 4047 (Reed Road). Route 1059/D10 (Sugar Run Road) in Nottingham Township over Mingo Creek between Petticoat Lane and Sichi Hill Road). Route 2011/P10 (Beallsville Road) in West Bethlehem and Amwell Townships over Little Ten Mile Creek between Brush Run Road and Bayne Avenue. Route 3004/A10 (Dutch Fork Church Road) in Donegal Township over Dutch Fork between lake Road and Jansen Road. Route 3009/G10 (Sunset Beach Road) in Buffalo Township over Buffalo Creek between Green Valley Road and Route 3006 (Newman Road). Route 3035/M10 (Craft Creek Road) in Morris Township over Crafts Creek between South Bridge Road and Winding Road. Route 4006/C10 (Francis Mine Road) in Hanover over Harmon Creek between Hanlin Station Road and Dinsmore Dam Road. Route 4035/A10 (Lynn Portal Road) over Georges Run in Canton and Chartiers townships between Henderson Road and Airport Road. The Contractor on this $4.5 Million project is Swank Construction Company, with the tentative completion date in October of 2018.
Route 3035 (Craft Creek Road) – Completed and open.

Route 4035 A10 (Lynn Portal Road) – Completed and open.

Route 4006 C10 (Francis Mine Road) – Completed and open.

Route 3009 G10 (North Sunset Beach Road) – Completed and open.

Route 221 03M (Buffalo Creek Road) – Completed and open.

Route 1059-D10 (Sugar Run Road): Completed and open.

Route 3004-A10 (Dutch Fork Road) – Completed and open.

Route 2011-P10 (Lone Pine Road): Tentatively to open on Friday, October 12.

Route 4012 over Robinson Run 2 –This is a bridge rehabilitation project for the bridge that carries Route 4012 (Nobelstown Road) over Robinson Run between Robinson and Mt. Pleasant townships. This contract is in pre-award status. The contractor on this $1.34 million job is Frank Gavlik & Sons, Inc.      
Update: This project has been significantly delayed by pending utility relocations and will not complete this construction season as planned. The contractor is moving forward with work that can be done around the existing utility lines and poles. Nobelstown Road will remain open throughout construction with single lane closures during the day to facilitate work around the utilities.

Interstate 70 – 21R – This is a pavement preservation project on Interstate 70 from the West Virginia line mile post 0 to 4.5. The project will include resurfacing and guiderail updates. Detours will be in place to pave West Alexander Interchange. The project will also include overlays on Route 3021 (McGuffey Road) and Route 3023 (Old Brick Road). The contractor on this $9.5 million project is The Lane Construction Corporation.
Update: The mainline paving is complete, the contractor is performing sawing and sealing on mainline asphalt joints, need to complete painting of traffic control lines and gores. project to be completed by October 15th.

Washington County Surface Improvements – SIP 12-18-SI4 – ECMS# 107663:
Update:  Route 1027 Canonsburg – utility work should be completed by the end of this week. Tentatively paving the week of October 15.

Washington County Surface Improvements – SIP 12-18-SI4-1 – ECMS# 108273 The contractor on this project is Golden Eagle Construction Company
Update: Route 2020 mill and pave
Route 40 wearing

Washington County Fairgrounds Phase 2 – This local project is as follows, construction of a realigned set of trolley tracks and a trolley platform. Work includes excavating, drainage, concrete and asphalt placement, realignment of trolley tracks and ballast, demolition of existing facilities, and other miscellaneous construction, as indicated on the approved drawings included in the bid package for Washington County Fairgrounds Phase 2. The project begins approximately at Station 208+87 and ends approximately at Station 216+11 on Trolley Track #1 on the Washington County Fairgrounds in Chartiers Township, Washington County. The Contractor on this $789,459.05 project is C.H. &D. Enterprises Inc.  The project is scheduled to be complete in July 2019.
Update:  The Contractor is currently performing earthwork in preparation for the trolley track.

Westmoreland County

Route 981 at Kennametal –  SR 981 V10 –The scope of work will include full depth reconstruction and adding a center left turn lane from Arnold Palmer Drive to the Airport entrance; a new connector road between Route 2027 (Charles Houck Rd) and Route 981 including a roundabout at the Airport entrance. This roadway improvement will replace the existing Route 981/Route 2027 intersection. From the Airport entrance to T-881 (Airport Road), 3R (Resurfacing, Restoration, and Rehabilitation) criteria will be the basis for the roadway improvements. In addition, left turn lanes will be installed at the Route 981/Bay Hill Drive intersection. Guide rail, pavement markings, signing and drainage will be updated within the project limits as well as other miscellaneous construction. This contactor on this $13.9 million project is Plum Contracting, Inc.
Update: The project is nearly complete.  Remaining work includes tending to Punchlist Notes.  PennDOT would like to thank you all for your patience while we constructed this project.

Route 31 Donegal Interchange – SR 31 X10 – This project is for realignment of Route 31 at the Donegal Turnpike Interchange with the addition of a signalized continuous “T” intersection and installation of traffic signals and turning lanes at the Route 31/Route 711 intersection.  Relocation of School House Road at Mountain View Road and Kings Way at Route 711 to create plus intersections will occur with the addition of signals and turning lanes.  Other widening for center turning lanes and increasing sight distance will occur on Route 31, as well as waterline relocation, drainage and signing upgrades, and milling and paving from approximately 450 feet west of Hellein School Road to 525 feet east of the Route 31/Route 2031, Route 711/Route 381 intersection.  Plum Contracting, Inc. is the prime contractor on this $19.8 million project. The project is not anticipated to be completed until late summer 2019.
Update:  Paving on Route 31 from slightly west of Clubhouse Drive to east of Mountain View Road is scheduled for the week of 10/15. Traffic will be maintained except for single lane closures to accommodate the tie-ins to existing pavement.  Construction of the concrete islands at the Route 31/Route 381 intersection should occur later this month, as well as final paving and may result in single lane closures. Motorists should slow down and use caution for increased construction vehicles and activities during paving.

Route 31 Main Street, Mount Pleasant Boro and East Huntingdon Township – SR 31 03R – This project involves improvements to Route 31 (Main Street) in Mount Pleasant Boro beginning at the intersection with Bridgeport Street (Route 2001) in Mount Pleasant Boro and extending thru town to the intersection with Route 119 in East Huntingdon Township. The Contractor on this $7.5 million project is Michael Facchiano Contracting, Inc. The project includes: milling and paving the roadway; reconstructing the intersections in concrete; adding new drainage; traffic signals and other miscellaneous construction improvements. This project is scheduled to be completed in September 2018.
Update: Work on this project is substantially complete with only some notes to finish. The ribbon cutting ceremony was held Monday September 24th. Motorists may still experience occasional delays and are urged to use caution as these notes are completed.

Route 906 from 4th Street to the Monessen Riverfront Business Park – Route 906 C10 –This project is for the reconstruction of this section of Route 906. The contractor on this $4,339,310 project is Morgan Excavating, L.P.
Update: Morgan Excavating is continuing working on replacing Inlets and curb/gutters, sidewalks, ADA Ramps between 8th street and 10th street on Donner Ave, and next week they will be starting ADA Ramps and sidewalks between 8th Street and 4th Street. Also, they will be continuing to remove the existing concrete roadway and excavating for full depth undercut, and placing geotextile, Geo-Cell, 2A stone in excavated areas between 10th street to 8th street for phase #2 construction. There is a 10-foot lane restriction on Donner Ave going south bound, on Route 906. Motorist will continue to expect delays, so please use caution driving through the project site.
Project # 108333 12-18-SI5 SIP Westmoreland - Surface improvement contract of certain sections of various State Routes in Westmoreland County. Construction consists of milling, superpave asphalt courses, base repair, pavement markings, drainage, and other miscellaneous construction on all or portions of the selected State Routes, all as indicated on the approved drawings for various State Routes in Westmoreland County.
Route 51 (Rostraver Township)
Route 56 (City of New Kensington)
Route 119 (City of Greensburg)
Route 286 (Bell and Loyolhanna Townships)
Route 400 (Murrysville Borough and Washington Township)
Route 981 (Unity Township, City of Latrobe, and Derry Township)
Route 3007 (North Belle Vernon Borough and Rostraver Township)
Route 3020 (North Huntingdon Township)
Route 3026 (Hempfield Township and City of Greensburg)
Route 3105 (East Huntingdon Township)
Route 3109 (Rostraver Township)
Route 4087 (City of New Kensington)
Update: The contractor is currently performing full depth base replacements and performing wearing course operations along SR 400 in Murrysville Borough and Washington Township.  This work is being performed during daylight hours.  Traffic will be reduced to one lane during this construction.  The contractor is also performing curb replacements on SR 4087 in the City of New Kensington.  Traffic will be reduced to a single lane during these operations.  The contractor is scheduled to begin wearing course operations on SR 4087 in the City of New Kensington the week of October 22nd with traffic maintained in a single lane in both directions during daylight hours.

Westmoreland County Bridge #14 – This local project is for work on the bridge that carries Story Road over Beaver Run in Salem Township. The contractor on this $831,568 project is Plum Contracting, Inc.
Update: The bridge is closed and a posted detour is implemented. The contractor is scheduled to set beams for the new structure the week of October 22.

Route 130 at Pleasant Valley Road – This project is for an intersection improvement for Route 130 at Pleasant Valley Road in Penn Township. It has a completion in spring 2019. The contractor on this $3.6 million project is Tedesco Construction Company.
Update: The completion date has been changed until the spring of 2019. Pleasant Valley Road is being paved the week of October 8 – October 13 and will be opened to traffic on Monday October 15th. Sandy Hill Road will be closed to traffic on October 15th at which time it will be milled and paved and will be open to traffic on October 29th. Widening work will continue on Route 130 Westbound.

Interstate 70 at Route 31 Interchange – 70 K10 – This project is for the Interstate 70 bridge over Route 31 in South Huntingdon Township and the interchange reconstruction. It has a tentative completion date of November 2020. The contractor on this $66.9 million project is Golden Triangle Construction Company, Inc.
Update: The Interstate 70 Eastbound ON and OFF ramps at Exit 51 (Route 31) in South Huntingdon Township, Westmoreland County. The closures will remain in place until June 2019. Marked detours are be in place. The detours will be used by motorists traveling to the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival in West Newton during the weekends in September. Additional message boards and signs will be in place to help guide these visitors.
Interstate 70 Eastbound to Route 31 – Motorists on Interstate 70 Eastbound will pass the Route 31 exit and use Exit 54 (Madison). They will then get onto Interstate 70 Westbound to Exit 51 (Route 31).
Route 31 to Interstate 70 Eastbound – Motorists will use Interstate 70 Westbound to Exit 49 (Smithton) and re-enter Interstate 70 Eastbound.

Project #74434 Route 3101 over Jacks Run – This project is for the bridge replace of Route 3101 (Keystone Avenue) over Jacks Run in South Greensburg Borough and Hempfield Township. The tentative completion of this project will be in August 2019. The apparent low bidder on this $864,057 project is J.F, Shea Construction.
Update: This project will begin in the 2019 season.