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State Transportation Innovation Council

The Pennsylvania State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC) facilitates the rapid implementation of proven, well-researched and documented state, regional, national and international technologies, tactics, techniques and any other innovations that are new to Pennsylvania. The STIC also supports the implementation of the Federal Highway Administration's Every Day Counts (EDC) Initiatives.

The STIC is comprised of various stakeholders, state and federal agencies, local governments, research organizations and industry partners working together to pursue specific innovations. The STIC meets three times a year and all business meetings are open to the public.

Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) assist the STIC in selecting innovations that should be developed for implementation and promoted. The TAGs evaluate the potential benefits and uses of an innovation, and guide it through the Innovation Development Process.

Selected innovations are developed for deployment and promoted to become standard practice within the transportation community. Beyond deploying at the statewide or regional level in Pennsylvania, the STIC assists local governments to deliver a modern and high-quality transportation system to the citizens of the commonwealth at all levels government.

Featured Innovations

Projects that use Design-Build Traffic Control Plan (DBTCP) can reduce construction time and increase efficiencies with materials.
highway with led lights
Helping you see better at night when driving is just one of the benefits that switching to LED bulbs has over traditional overhead mast bulbs.
High Friction Surface Treatment saves lives and prevents injuries on our roadway's most dangerous spots.

STIC Innovation Development Process. The STIC accepts innovation submissions from many sources — STIC members, transportation stakeholders and partners and PennDOT employees. The goal is to advance four to eight innovations through the STIC's Innovation Development Process each year. The STIC develops, maintains and tracks a list of current innovations.



New Online Resource Outlines Transportation Innovations, Resources for Municipalities and Stakeholders
The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) today announced the launch of a new online resource for the State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC) – – that outlines how all levels of government can work with PennDOT to implement innovations in their municipalities, innovations currently used in the state, and how the STIC innovation development process works.

Pennsylvania State Transportation Innovation Council Nationally Recognized for Excellence
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) Secretary Leslie S. Richards recently announced that the Pennsylvania State Transportation Innovation Council (PA STIC), received a 2017 STIC Excellence Award for its ongoing efforts to train local governments on innovative and efficient ways to improve their local road networks. 

PennDOT Launches Video to Assist Pennsylvanians in Navigating Roundabouts
The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) today launched a video to assist Pennsylvanians in navigating roundabouts. The video instructs viewers how to use both single and multi-lane roundabouts whether in a vehicle, on a bicycle or on foot.

Pennsylvania Selected to Host State Transportation Innovation Council Roundtable Discussion
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) Secretary Leslie S. Richards today joined US Department of Transportation Deputy Secretary Victor Mendez, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Administrator Gregory Nadeau and FHWA Division Administrator Renee Sigel to showcase the Pennsylvania State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC). Pennsylvania was chosen to host because of the success of the Pennsylvania STIC.

PennDOT, Partners Host Demonstration of Safety Enhancing Pavement Innovation
Representatives of PennDOT and North Cornwall Township, Lebanon County, joined the Federal Highway Administration and the State Transportation Innovation Council today to host a regional demonstration day bringing together key stakeholders to exhibit the application of an innovative, safety enhancing pavement surface treatment.

Innovation In Motion

The STIC e-newsletter, Innovation in Motion, provides updates on new innovations, progress reports, links to specifications, and announcements about upcoming events. To view a previous edition of the e-newsletter, use the links below. You can also sign up to receive the Innovation in Motion e-newsletter.