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Innovation Development

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Innovations are well-researched, proven, and documented technologies, tactics, and techniques. They have been demonstrated in "real world" applications and can offer improved performance or effectiveness in Pennsylvania. The STIC is not a venue for unproven ideas, research, or new product testing. Once referred ideas are well-researched, documented, and proven, they may be resubmitted to the STIC for broader development and eventual deployment.

What Is The Difference Between An Idea And An Innovation?

An idea is an unproven, untested suggestion. An innovation is well-researched, proven, and documented. The mission of the STIC has always been to develop and broadly deploy existing innovations that are new to Pennsylvania. Submitted ideas that lack research and documentation are referred elsewhere, such as the PennDOT Research Program, the Transportation Quality Initiative, Quality Improvement Committee, or the PennDOT Materials Testing Lab.

How To Submit An Innovation

If you are interested in submitting an innovation for consideration, please email the STIC Management Team at The STIC Management Team will evaluate all submissions and assign innovations to the appropriate TAG, if the innovation makes sense for use in Pennsylvania.

How An Innovation Is Developed


The innovation development process has four phases.


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Initiation Phase

​An innovation is submitted to the STIC Management Team. The STIC Management Team either assigns the innovation to a Technical Advisory Group (TAG), refers it to a more appropriate area within PennDOT, or rejects the innovation.

Initial Evaluation Phase

​The TAG evaluates the potential benefits and challenges of the innovation, available resources for deployment, expected results, and other criteria for acceptance.

Detailed Development Phase

​If the STIC concurs the innovation makes sense for use in Pennsylvania, the TAG is responsible for its detailed development. The TAG Leader assigns an Innovation Owner and a Development Team. They produce an Innovation Development Summary and Deployment Plan.

Advancement Phase

​After the STIC concurs with the Innovation Development Summary and Deployment Plan, it is advanced to PennDOT's Highway Administration (HA) Deputate. An HA project lead is assigned to guide the innovation through deployment.