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Design-Build Traffic Control Plan (DBTCP)​

busy highway interchange

Design-Build Traffic Control Plans are an innovation that could improve project delivery by exploring ways to provide greater contractor flexibility in constructing the project. This initiative expands the use of the DBTCP contracting provision within Pennsylvania and establishes procedures for its use on minor, moderate, and complex projects.

How Does It Work?

Current policy and procedures allow the low-bid contractor to finalize the traffic control plan based on the construction phasing and schedule. The final traffic control plan will be reviewed by PennDOT district and central offices and Federal Highway Administration representatives. In contrast to traditional Design-Bid-Build (D-B-B) projects, this project delivery innovation allows the contractor and designer to work together to develop traffic control plans that are more responsive to flexible construction phasing and schedules.

What Are The Benefits?

DBTCP offers greater flexibility, improved efficiency, and better schedule control during the design and build phases of a project. In a similar approach in western Pennsylvania, a contractor recommended substantial revisions to construction phasing and the corresponding traffic control plan that ultimately reduced construction duration from four years to three, and resulted in the use of far less temporary pavement and accelerated concrete.