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Adopt and Beautify

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Volunteers expand upon PennDOT's planting efforts to cultivate wildflowers and/or other approved plantings along our state roadways under a two-year commitment. In return, PennDOT places a sign recognizing the group for its efforts. Since interchange areas and traffic islands are also available for adoption, this is a wonderful way to say "Welcome to Pennsylvania and our community."

Quick Facts

Adoption Time Length: 2 years

Area Size and Location: State highway right-of-ways, including interchange areas, traffic islands or two-mile sections of roadway

Age Requirements: Participants must be 8 years of age or older. There must be at least one adult (18 years of age or older) per eight minors (17 years of age or younger). Minors must have parental permission.

Events Per Year: Minimum of 4

PennDOT will provide: Safety vests, trash bags, work gloves, "Litter Crew Ahead" signs (by request) and other requipment as required by your PennDOT representative

PennDOT will: Pick up bagged litter from the roadside and post signs in recognition of your efforts.