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Litter Information

Quick Litter Tips

  • Don't litter.
  • Learn about litter so you can teach others that prevention is a wise choice to make.
  • If you see a friend litter, tell them why they shouldn't litter.
  • If you see litter, pick it up. (Unless it is broken glass, which should be swept up.)
  • Consider adopting a highway near you.


The Life Span of Commonly Discarded Litter

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Decomposition Time

Glass Bottle

Approximately 1 Million Years

Plastic 6-Pack Collar

450 Years

Aluminum Can

200 – 500 Years

Plastic Jug

70 Years

Rubber Boot Sole

50 – 80 Years

Steel Cans

50 Years


Up To 50 Years

Nylon Fabric

30 – 40 Years

Plastic Film Canister

20 – 30 Years

Painted Wooden Stake

13 Years

Degradable Plastic Bag

10 – 20 Years

Disposable Diapers

10 – 20 Years

Wool Clothing

One – Five Years

Cigarette Butt

One – Five Years

Cotton Rag

One – Five Months

Orange Peel/Banana Peel

Two – Five Weeks

Piece Of Paper

Two – Four Weeks

Traffic Tickets

Two – Four Weeks

Rolled Newspaper

Two – Six Weeks

Candy Wrapper

One – Three Months


Three – 14 Months