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Deputy Secretary for Administration

Suzanne H. Itzko

Suzanne H. Itzko currently serves as Deputy Secretary for Administration, a role she had held from 2008 until the beginning of 2011. In this role, Itzko is responsible for the development and implementation of management and human resource policies for nearly 12,000 department employees, managing the agency's $8 billion annual budget, and overseeing the development and maintenance of PennDOT'S facilities and properties throughout the commonwealth. She is directly responsible for the following bureaus: Fiscal Management, Infrastructure and Operations, Business Solutions and Services, IT Project Development and Delivery, Equal Opportunity, Office Services, Human Resources, and Innovations.

She returns to PennDOT after serving as both the Chief of Staff and Deputy Auditor General for Administration within the Department of the Auditor General. Itzko oversaw the daily operations of the department and provided direct input to the Auditor General on a wide range of issues. Itzko had direct responsibility for the areas of human resources, information technology and support services, quality control and training, and budget and financial management.

Applying her expertise gained at PennDOT, during her two years at the Department of the Auditor General, Itzko led the creation of the department's Office of Budget and Financial Management; initiated the development of the department's "Information Technology Roadmap," which resulted in the largest investment in 15 years in the department's technology infrastructure; and effectuated partnerships with other commonwealth agencies that maximized cost savings and operating efficiencies for the department.

Itzko previously served as a special assistant to Governor Edward G. Rendell, where she managed the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) and the Public Improvement Program for commonwealth-owned facilities and properties throughout the state. As part of her responsibilities, she worked closely with the Governor's Office of the Budget and other state agencies to develop a five-year capital budget spending plan.

Itzko earned a degree in business administration — business economics and public policy from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. (B.A.). She also earned a master's degree in government administration from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia (M.A.). She is a native of Philadelphia, but has been a resident of Harrisburg since 2002.