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​Take a Walk

Walking is a healthy and affordable mode of transportation offering a reduced environmental footprint without vehicle expenses or parking fees. But to be accessible to users of all ages and abilities, especially those who walk out of necessity rather than by choice, adequate infrastructure needs to be in place and well maintained.

To support modes of active transportation, including walking and biking, across the commonwealth, PennDOT's Take a Walk page offers a comprehensive list of resources for citizens, elected officials, and advocates who would like to improve conditions for walking in their communities.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is developing an updated Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan for Pennsylvania that will outline a vision and framework for improving conditions for walking and bicycling across Pennsylvania, most notably for those Pennsylvanians who walk and bicycle out of necessity rather than for leisure and recreation. The Master Plan will also identify and help prioritize strategies that increase the number of people walking and bicycling, while supporting safety and multimodal connectivity throughout the state.