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Bicycle Education Train-the-Trainer

There is no training planned at this time. Handouts from the course are available under "Training Materials."

Students should be trained on helmet fitting and basic bicycle handling skills, such as signaling, turning and stopping, so that they feel confident and stay safe while bicycling to and from school and around their communities. Before they can be comfortable riding in traffic or along trails, new and inexperienced riders benefit from practice on their bicycle in relatively quiet settings, such as parking lots.

This train-the-trainer course will train adults how to teach safe cycling skills to school-aged children. Participants will learn training techniques and will be given the hands-on practice necessary to return to their communities and set up similar training geared to youth in their area.

The curriculum used in this course is the League of American Bicyclists Bicycling 123-Youth course. At on-the-bike stations, participants will learn and (with their own bikes) may practice the following skills:

  • Welcoming young riders
  • Bike inspection
  • Helmet fit
  • Basic handling skills, including starting and stopping, riding in a straight line, hazard avoidance, visual scanning, signaling, turning and yielding
  • Fun and games

Necessary equipment:

Participants are encouraged to bring their own bicycles and helmets, which they can use as they move through the on-the-bike stations. Although having this equipment at the training is not necessary, participants who bring a bicycle and helmet will enhance their training experience by being able to practice the skills taught at the stations.


Master League Cycling Instructors (LCIs) who are experts in the Bicycling 123-Youth curriculum