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Project Overview

​Project Overview: This project is for the resurfacing of approximately 2.9 miles of roadway and includes concrete patching, high friction surface treatment, base repairs, drainage improvements, guide rail, signing, traffic signal upgrades and other miscellaneous construction. Route 1013 will be widened at its intersection with Route 30 to improve the turning movements and I-70 will also have concrete patching and high friction surface treatment for approximately 0.07 miles (Eastbound) and 0.35 miles (Westbound). This project is located near Route 2029 (East Mattie Road) in East Providence Township, Bedford County and continues east for approximately 2.92 miles to the end of the truck climbing lane in Brush Creek Township, Fulton County.

Project Contact

​Name:  Gerald Shaulis

Phone:  814-735-3453 | Email:

Asst. Construction Executive:

Tom Helsel

Project Statistics

​Contract Cost:  $3.65 Million

Prime Contractor:  Cottle's Asphalt Maintenance, Inc.

Detour Information

​Daytime or Nighttime flagging patterns will be utilized.