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Westbound Route 283 Returned to Two Lanes of Traffic Through Reconstruction Project


Harrisburg, PA – The westbound roadway through the Route 283 construction project in Dauphin County was restored to two lanes of traffic early this morning. Westbound traffic is now in its proper alignment on the newly rebuilt westbound roadway.

Since last March, the westbound roadway had been restricted to a single lane while it underwent reconstruction. A second westbound lane for traffic utilized an Express Lane on the eastbound roadway while reconstruction was underway. The westbound “Express Lane” has now been closed and is no longer in use. Over the next several days, the contractor for the project will remove the concrete barrier on the eastbound roadway that had separated the opposing directions of traffic and then re-establish eastbound traffic in its proper lanes for the winter season.

The reconstruction project covers six miles of Route 283 in southeastern Dauphin County, between the Toll House Road interchange and the interchange with the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Interstate 283. This is a major project for an important highway connection between Harrisburg and Lancaster that carries nearly 56,000 vehicles a day. The westbound roadway was rebuilt this year; the eastbound roadway will be rebuilt next year.