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York Road

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The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation invites the public to an online plans display regarding the Route 116 (York Road) bridge rehabilitation project. This project is located over Codorus Creek Tributary C in North Codorus Township, York County, roughly 1/2 of a mile south of Spring Grove. The purpose of this project is to address concerns related to the existing bridge structure, which is currently in fair condition, and provide continued safe and efficient crossing of Route 116, Section 049 over Codorus Creek Tributary C. 
The existing single span non-composite prestressed concrete adjacent box beam structure has a span of 31’ – 6” over Codorus Creek Tributary C and is supported on reinforced concrete gravity abutments, which will remain. The bridge was built in 1958.

Proposed construction will consist of replacing the existing superstructure with a 31’ – 6” span Single Span Prestressed Concrete Spread Box Beam Bridge, minor concrete substructure repairs, reconstruction of pavement along the roadway approaches to the new bridge and replacing guide rail. Additionally, the pavement within the traffic control limits will be milled and overlaid. The proposed bridge will carry three 12’-0” lanes (two through lanes and one left turn lane approaching the intersection of SR 516), a 8’-0” minimum left shoulder, and variable width right shoulder due to merging SR 0516 (Jefferson Road) traffic.

Maintenance of traffic will occur via staged construction. Each stage will include one lane of traffic for each approach to the structure and one turning lane for westbound SR 0116 drivers to turn onto SR 0516. All turning movements at the intersection of SR 0116 with SR 0516 will occur at the western connector road and the section of SR 0516 between the connector and SR 0116 will be closed to traffic. Access to all driveways within the project limits will be maintained during construction.

The project is currently in the design phase. The construction is expected to take place primarily within the 2023 construction season. In accordance with Governor Wolf’s COVID-19 mitigation efforts, the plans display will be held online only.