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Project Overview

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) invites the public to view an online plans display regarding the PA 33 bridge replacement project. This project is located on PA 33 in Palmer Township and Stockertown Borough, in both the northbound and southbound directions. The purpose of this project is to address settlement of the existing bridges,  thus providing continued access along PA 33 over Bushkill Creek.

The bridges will be replaced with a single span prefabricated concrete arch on a concrete mat foundation, and two concrete overflow culverts. The proposed arch and overflow culverts will be continuous beneath northbound and southbound directions, and the median.

The proposed roadway will carry two 12 feet lanes of vehicular traffic in each direction and include 8 foot (6 foot paved) inside shoulders with 12 foot paved outside shoulders. Full depth roadway work will extend approximately 200 feet south and 200 feet north of both the bridges. This work will include pavement and guide rail replacement.  Shoulder reconstruction, milling, paving, and temporary median-crossover roadway work will extend approximately 1900 feet to the south and 2300 feet to the north to accommodate temporary traffic control.

In accordance with Governor Wolf's COVID-19 mitigation efforts, this plan display will be held online only. A digital version of the information will be available to view online for 30 days, from October 25th to November 27th.

The purpose of the plans display is to introduce the project and solicit public input, questions, or concerns regarding the project.

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