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Project Overview

As a result of remnants from Hurricane Ida on September 1st, 2021, an arch culvert under Route 611 (carrying a tributary to the Delaware River) and the adjacent roadway experienced damage. A large depression formed on the roadway (approximately 22’ x 11.5’) over top of the arch culvert. Further investigation determined there is a hole in the side of the culvert along with undermining of the structure’s foundation. 

The section of PA 611 that is closed is approximately 150 feet long and is located between Raubsville Road and Browns Drive.

The design team has acquired temporary property access rights and coordinated with both the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to secure the necessary permits to fix the roadway. 

 The contractor doing the work is waiting for the delivery of materials. In the meantime it is anticipated they can begin preliminary work such as installing erosion and sedimentation controls in late December or early January. 

The Department hopes to get the road open in early winter so people won’t be detoured for the entire winter season. If all goes well it is estimated Route 611 will open in late January/early February. This estimated timeframe is contingent upon weather conditions and the availability of supplies.  

PennDOT understands this is not soon enough for the thousands of motorists that rely upon using Route 611 and appreciates the public's patience.

Project Contact

Ronald Young

610-871-4555 |

District Press Officer

Sean Brown

610-871-4556 |

Safety Press Officer

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Detour Information

While there are other ways to get around the closure, official detour routes were developed as the safest routes. The posted detour route for passenger vehicles is Raubsville Road, Morgan Hill Road, and Cedarville Road. And the posted detour route for trucks is PA 212 (Durham Road), PA 412 (Leithsville road/Main Street), and Interstate 78.