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Project Overview

S.R. 92, Section 750 Bridge Rehabilitation over Unnamed TributaryTo Susquehanna River Falls Township, Wyoming County, PA

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Engineering District 4-0 (PennDOT) proposes to rehabilitate the stone masonry arch culvert carrying SR 0092 over Tributary to Susquehanna River in Falls Township, Wyoming County. The bridge extends under the roadway as well as the active railroad located downstream of the project site and is shared between PennDOT and Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad.  Only PennDOT’s portion of the bridge will be included within this project.  The proposed structure rehabilitation work is intended to conform to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. Associated roadway work will include roadway reconstruction, guide rail replacement, and signing/pavement marking upgrades.
The purpose of the project is to address the deficiencies in the structure and provide continued access on SR 92.  The project area was reviewed for potential National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) listed or eligible properties. One resource, the SR 0092 bridge over a Tributary to the Susquehanna River, was identified by the PennDOT Cultural Resource Professional to be eligible for listing on the NRHP. The proposed work will not directly or indirectly impact the adjacent Lehigh Valley Railroad lines. The bridge is a 12 ft. long stone masonry culvert constructed in 1905. The structure was recorded in CRGIS in December of 2001 under the determination of "unevaluated." The structure retains integrity of design, workmanship, materials, location, and setting. The project consists of rehabilitation of the SR 0092 over Tributary to Susquehanna River. The fill over the top of culvert will be removed and replaced with a geosynthetic reinforced soil fill and a concrete moment slab with toe wall will be constructed to alleviate lateral pressure on the stone arch headwall. The moment slab is detached from the arch culvert and will include structure mounted guiderail. Stone removed as part of the arch barrel, headwall and wingwall reconstruction will be used to rebuild the culvert to its original visual effect. Cleaning and repointing of the mortar will be conducted on the remaining portion of the structure.  The timber floor of the culvert will be encapsulated with concrete to preserve them and stabilize the structure. The concrete will match the downstream portion of the culvert. A temporary excavation support system will be used in the northeast quadrant to ensure no disturbance to the fence line of the property in the northeast quadrant.
In accordance with 36 CFR §800.5, the criteria of adverse effect were then applied to assess impacts to the bridge. The proposed rehabilitation for this bridge maintains its character-defining features and National Register eligible integrity. Although the moment slab and toe wall will carry the majority of the live load, the arch will continue to carry the dead load. The new concrete will be stained to blend in with the color scheme of the surrounding stone as to not create a visual intrusion to the bridge’s setting and feeling. The proposed rehabilitation efforts will maintain the overall look and feeling of the bridge.  Based on the proposed rehabilitation work, the Project will have No Adverse Effect to the SR 0092 Bridge over Tributary to Susquehanna River.
Traffic will be detoured during construction.  Separate detour routes are proposed for trucks and cars. The approximate detour length for cars is 13.3 miles and approximately 29.0 miles for trucks using State Routes.
The project is currently in design.  Construction is anticipated to start in the Spring of 2021 and is expected to be completed the Fall of 2021.
If you have questions, please contact Chris Messner, Project Manager at or by calling (570) 880-7345.  Thank you for your interest in this important project.

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Project Contact

Kelley R. Sartori, P.E. | Consultant Project Manager

PA Department of Transportation Engineering District 4-0

55 Keystone Industrial Park Dunmore, PA 18512

Phone:  570.335.9244 | Fax:  570.963.4949

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