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Project Overview

The project within the Borough of Northumberland entails the reconstruction of Duke Street (PA 147) from 8th Street to Water Street (US 11); Water Street (US 11) from the Norfolk Southern Railroad bridge to King Street; King Street from the North Branch Susquehanna River bridge to Front Street (US 11 southbound); and Front Street from King Street to the merger point of US 11 northbound and southbound lanes near the Borough limits.  During the 2019 construction season, work on U.S. 11 (Water Street) from the Norfolk Southern Railroad bridge to the West Branch Susquehanna River bridge will be performed under a separate contract in coordination with this project.

  Important points for the duration of the project:

  • Access will be maintained to all businesses during construction.
  • Temporary signs will be installed during construction directing patrons to local businesses along Duke Street.​
  • Only shorter trucks (such as delivery trucks) or trucks doing business in the borough will use the local streets.  Trucks longer than 36’ will be detoured around the borough on state roads.     
Highlights of the project include the following:
  • Complete curb-to-curb reconstruction of Duke Street, Water Street, King Street, and Front Street.
  • New signal equipment at the intersections of Duke Street & Water Street and King Street & Water Street.
  • Improved turning radii for large vehicles at the signalized intersections.
  • New drainage throughout the project.
  • One lane of traffic in one direction will be maintained during work on Water Street, Front Street, and King Street from the Packers Island Bridge to Priestley Avenue.
  • Trucks longer than 36’, excluding local deliveries, will be detoured around and outside of Northumberland Borough.
  • Car detours during Duke Street construction will be using roads within the Borough.  See the Phase diagrams in the Resources section.
Improvement opportunities for PA 147 and US 11 within Northumberland:
  • The underlying structure of PA 147 and US 11 in Northumberland is brick or cement concrete installed during the 1920’s and 1940’s.  The brick and concrete are in poor condition, having long exceeded their service life.  These roads require frequent lane closures for maintenance.
  • During peak hours, there are long lines of traffic waiting at the Duke Street / Water Street intersection and at the King Street / Water Street intersection. 
  • Large trucks climb over the curb onto the sidewalk when making turns at the intersections.
The reconstruction project will address the issues with these improvements:
  • The complete reconstruction of PA 147 and US 11 within the Borough will provide high quality roads for years to come.


  • Longer turning lanes will increase efficiency reducing congestion and pollution in the Borough.
  • A larger turn radius will permit vehicles to stay in their lanes reducing interference with through lanes and reducing the likelihood of vehicles climbing over the curb and jeopardizing pedestrian safety.

Project Contact

Chris Neidig, Design Project Manager

Mindy Foresman, Construction Project Manager

Dave Thompson, Customer Media

New Enterprise Stone & Lime, Contractor


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​Public Meetings

No Current Public Meetings Scheduled.

Project Statistics

Contract Cost: $14,000,000

Percentage Complete: 83% (As of 12/11/19)

Prime Contractor: New Enterprise Stone & Lime Inc.

Detour Information

​See resource list for information on phased detours.