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Ohiopyle Multimodal Gateway Project

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Project Overview

The Ohiopyle Intermodal Gateway project will reduce current conflicts between vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and boat renters traversing Route 381. It will create a safer and better connection between the Borough of Ohiopyle and Ohiopyle State Park with improved parking, sidewalks, crosswalks, and traffic-calming measures.

Project Updates


Crews will be welding shear connectors to the top of the bridge beams soon. (Shear connectors are necessary to “attach” concrete to the tops of the beams, so they “move” as one.) Rebar will also start to be placed for the bridge deck. Work on the Pedestrian underpass is progressing, crews are preparing to erect the pre-cast retaining walls for the rigid frame of the underpass. Once set, the area behind the retaining walls will be filled with stone.


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Update 11-15-19

Crews are attaching conduits to the new beams so the utilities can run through them, they will be installing the concrete forms that will support the new bridge deck concrete (called SIP forms, aka Stay-in-Place Forms). Additionally crews are installing overhang brackets and formwork off of the fascia beam. – This will support the finishing machine and formwork necessary to construct the bridge deck and parapet wall.

Drainage installation continues near the Waterfall Observation Decks within the Park.

Work at the Pedestrian Underpass Includes:

Waterproofing the pre-cast concrete underpass sections, placing concrete to connect the pre-cast sections of the underpass to the pre-cast wingwall sections and backfilling the underpass sections.

Update 11-8-19

​Crews will be mobilizing equipment and beams into the work area soon. Crews will install utility hangers and conduits to the bridge components in advance of relocating utilities onto new bridge. 

The pre-cast concrete sections of the rigid frame underpass will be erected between 11-14-19 and 11-15-19, and drainage installation will continue.

Update 11-1-19

​The contractor continues to form, and place concrete for the last of the pier and abutment “caps” black blankets were placed on the pier caps to keep the concrete warm as the temperatures drop. The blankets will help maintain the heat of the concrete and will allow the concrete to cure better. Crews continue to form and place the footers at the pedestrian underpass which is looking more defined as the contractor grades back the slopes. Drainage installation work is ongoing.

Update 10-15-19

​The 300 ton crane arrived and will be finishing up removing all of the old beams from the bridge. Work continues on the building of new abutment and pier "caps". Work will start on footers for the new pedestrian underpass as drainage work finishes up.

Update 10-11-19

​A crane will arrive on site to start dismantling the stringers and floor beams at the bridge. Motorists are advised of minor traffic delays as beams are loaded via trucks which will be positioned in the live lane of traffic on the bridge. Meanwhile crews continue to finish demolition the old bridge deck and will start work soon on the abutments and piers for new "caps". At the pedestrian underpass crews work on drainage as excavation continues. 

Update 10-4-19

​Crews continue dismantling the bridge deck, they will start installing temporary bridge bearings soon in order to support the bridge where traffic is currently running on while the other half of the bridge is removed and replaced. In the coming weeks crews will start prepping the north crane pad area so that the crane can come in and remove the old bridge beams and erect the new bridge beams.

Excavation for underpass construction will continue. Crews will continue installation of new drainage system. Hoe-ramming/removing the rock for the underpass footer and drainage system located beneath underpass will start. 

Update 9-27-19

​The contractor is back to full-time daylight work shifts. Crews will continue dismantling the bridge deck and they will start installing temporary bridge bearings. (These are necessary to support the bridge where traffic is currently traveling on while the other half of the bridge is removed and replaced). Crews will start prepping the north crane pad area which will be used to support the crane for the removal of the old bridge beams and erect new bridge beams. They will continue excavation for the pedestrian underpass construction. The new drainage system installation will continue. All visitors are encouraged to stay away from orange fenced-in areas.

A warning is in place for all travelers on the river including kayaks, canoes, rafts etc. to not go under the bridge while construction continues

Update 9-20-19

​This week crews have continued saw cutting the bridge deck and started slab removal of the bridge deck. They also attached scaffold system for upcoming construction of new pier cap and bridge bearing work. On the North side of the bridge construction of crane pads (to be used for old beam removal and setting of new beams) is progressing. Near the welcome center, the pedestrian underpass is taking shape. Finally crews continue installing the new drainage system in the falls parking lot area.

Update 9-13-19

Excavation continues for the box culvert pedestrian underpass. On the bridge, crews are cutting the bridge deck for its eventual removal and have started slab removal of the bridge deck. Crews have started installing the new drainage system in the falls parking lot area and have begun building crane pads along river banks. The truck detour was implemented and smaller Route 381 Northbound traffic is entering the work zone by driving along Temporary Access Road # 1 through the new parking lot then back onto Route 381.

Update 9-6-19

Implementation of the TRUCK DETOUR will occur on Monday, 9-09-2019 directing Route 381 Northbound traffic to enter the work zone by driving along Temporary Access Road # 1 through the new parking lot then back onto Route 381. This detour will allow for the contractor to start excavation for the new pedestrian underpass. Placement of temporary concrete barrier across bridge has begun as well as the installation of “temporary hanger beam”. There is Saw cutting of the southbound bridge deck and installation of drainage for the falls parking lot.