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PennDOT Urges Motorists to Remain Alert in Foggy Conditions


Pittsburgh, PA – As the fall season approaches and weather transitions, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), urges motorists to drive slow and remain alert in foggy conditions.
Within an instant, drivers could be caught by surprise by low visibility on the roadway, creating dangerous driving conditions. When dense fog accumulates, steady traffic flow can quickly and abruptly become a stand still. If heavy fog causes visibility below one quarter of a mile, this alters a motorist’s perception of the road.
PennDOT reminds motorists of Pennsylvania’s law requiring moving vehicles to have headlights turned on when visibility is low due to unfavorable conditions, including fog. When driving in fog, low beam headlights should be used since the high beam setting creates glare and further reduces visibility.
To prevent commute disruption, PennDOT offers the following safety tips for driving in fog:
  • Be cautious. Slow down and increase your following distance to ensure enough reaction time and stopping distance between vehicles;
  • Allow additional time to get to your destination;
  • Check your vehicle’s headlights, taillights and turn signals to ensure they are working properly:
  • Along with low beam headlights, use windshield wipers and defrosters to maximize visibility;
  • Use roadside reflectors or the right edge of the road as a guide. If you cannot see, pull completely off the road in a safe location;
  • Be patient and avoid passing other vehicles or changing lanes; and
  • Watch for pedestrians or slow moving vehicles along your commute route.
Visit or call 511 from any phone to check traffic conditions before heading out. PennDOT urges motorists to avoid calling 511PA while driving. Motorists should safely pull off the road before calling the system, or check online for travel information before leaving home.
For more safety tips and other highway safety information, please visit, and for regional Twitter updates, follow 511PAPittsburgh.
MEDIA CONTACT: Yasmeen Manyisha, Safety Press Officer; (Office) 412-429-5044, (Cell) 412-292-9357
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