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Neville Island Bridge Preservation Project

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The Neville Island Bridge Project (SR 79-A61) is located in Neville Township, Robinson Township, and Glenfield Borough, Allegheny County. The preservation scope-of-work for the two mainline bridge structures includes structural steel repairs, fatigue-prone detail retrofits, full structure paint, deck joint replacement and repair, deck and parapet concrete repairs, bearing replacement and repair, substructure concrete spall and crack repairs, bridge drainage downspout repair, update approach guiderail/bridge barrier connections and repair light poles.

The general preservation scope-of-work for the four sign structures includes: Replacement of various bolts and sign connection hardware, replacement of deteriorated conduit and fittings, replacement of damaged luminaries, and full and spot painting with galvanized coating. A detour will be utilized for some parts of the project and has the potential to impact the motoring public. 

Construction is slated to begin in 2020. As part of PennDOT's public involvement process, a PowerPoint presentation is available under Resources in the sidebar to learn more about the project.