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​Route 30 Improvement Project


Project Overview

The SR 30 Upgrade Project (SR 30-B07) is located in Greene Township, Beaver County.  The proposed scope of work includes improvements to alignment, grades, and super elevation of S.R. 30 in Greene Township, Beaver County. The project area begins approximately 0.4 miles east of the West Virginia border and proceeds eastward to approximately 1 mile west of the intersection with S.R. 168. The project includes the realignment, reconstruction, and resurfacing of S.R. 30 and the realignment and reconstruction of the S.R. 30 intersection with Red Dog Road. The project also involves the replacement, reconstruction, and/or removal of drainage associated with existing S.R. 30 and the relocation of existing aerial and underground utilities.

Construction is slated to begin in 2020.