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​Frankfort Road Slide Repair in Raccoon Creek State Park


Project Overview

The scope of work for the project involves removing the landslide material by excavating the entire width of the roadway to the toe of the existing embankment slopes over the 250' length of the impacted area and replacing the failed material with durable rock.  All of this work will be installed within the legal slope limit.   Only temporary access onto limited portions of the parkland immediately surrounding the landslide repair area will be required to allow the construction contractor sufficient room to perform temporary excavations to install the rock embankment and soil nails.  PennDOT also proposes to conduct repairs and reconstruction of the damaged, eroded and otherwise inoperable drainage facilities and ditches owned by the park as part of the project.   This work will include excavation and replacement of the park's pipe culvert beneath the soccer field driveway; installation of new inlet and outlet structures adjacent to the driveway; removal of the collapsed portion of the park's pipe between the driveway and SR18 and replacement with an open channel.

Construction is slated to begin in early 2020.