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Smithfield Street Bridge Preservation Project​


Project Overview

The project includes preservation work including retrofitting/repairing deficiencies present in various steel members and components. Repairing areas of painted-over pitted section loss and other deficiencies in floorbeam and girder webs. Replacing the steel orthotropic sidewalks on both sides of the truss spans. Replacing the bridge deck epoxy wearing surface of the truss spans. Repairing spalled concrete in bridge support bearing pedestals and the bases of pedestrian railing posts. Replacing/tightening bearing anchor bolts and resetting bronze sliding plate bearings. Repairing shotcrete (gunite) on the underside of the east (upstream) pony truss span over the CSX railroad tracks. Repairing Deck Joints and Replacing Deck Joint Seals. Power washing the truss chords to remove rust packing and pigeon waste. Cleaning/flushing deck expansion dams, neoprene drain troughs, scuppers, and down spouting. Concrete pavement and island patching / joint sealing repairs, drainage improvements, new Pavement Markings, upgrades to the Traffic Lane Control System on Smithfield Street Bridge, including Signal Controller and other Hardware, and new Countdown Signal Heads at Pedestrian Crossings.

Construction for this project is slated to begin in the spring/summer of 2021. As part of PennDOT's public involvement process, a PowerPoint presentation to learn more about the project is linked to under the Resources heading in the sidebar. Please contact Michael P. Sokol, P.E., Project Manager, if you have any questions or concerns.