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Project Overview

In order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in Pennsylvania, PennDOT has temporarily suspended operations on all highway construction projects in the Northwest Region, which includes Crawford, Erie, Forest, Mercer, Venango, and Warren counties. For updates, please follow our Facebook group and Twitter account, or subscribe to our regional news.

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The City of Erie is experiencing a resurgence of both private and public sector development and investment in its downtown and on the Bayfront. In the heart of these developments lies the Bayfront Parkway, which has served the community since the early 1990s. The parkway serves as the east-west connection, but a need for north-south connections is growing.

In collaboration with local project stakeholders and the community, the Bayfront Parkway Project will enhance these connections and provide the infrastructure needed to support the growth of the region.

The Central Corridor of the Bayfront Parkway consists of the intersections of the following:

Leading alternatives for potential improvements at each intersection were presented during a public meeting on August 7 at Gannon University. A broader list of potential improvements for each intersection can be viewed by clicking on the name of the street.

A refined definition of the Purpose and Need and other general information, like a project design and construction schedule was also at the meeting along with Overall Leading Alternatives for the corridor (pictured at the top of the page) and the Leading Alternative based on current funding projections (pictured below). 

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An online version of the Public Comment Form and a PDF version of the entire Formal Presentation is also available.

Two public meetings were also head in December 2018, at which time several conceptual alternatives were presented. Information provided at the meeting is available at the links below.

General information on the project can be found here.

The summary of the feedback gathered during that those is available below:

The public is also invited to join the PennDOT-sponsored Bayfront Parkway Project Facebook group to receive updates and leave comments.

Additional information and project updates can also be found at the following sites at

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Project Contact

Tom McClelland, Project Manager; or (814) 678-7081

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