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​Transit-Oriented Development

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The Keystone Corridor runs along 104 miles of Amtrak-owned railroad from Philadelphia to Harrisburg, and is among Amtrak's top 10 fastest-growing corridors. There are 12 Amtrak Station stops along the east branch of the corridor.

Since 2004, PennDOT and its agency partners, including Amtrak, SEPTA, Norfolk Southern, and the U.S. Department of Transportation (as well as multiple local partners) have made significant investments totaling more than $360 million over several phases of improvements to passenger rail infrastructure.

As a result, ridership has been increasing significantly each year. To leverage the investment in improvements and continue the growth in ridership, PennDOT is examining P3 opportunities for Transit-Oriented Development (TOD). TOD requires developing an appealing mix of businesses, residences, and public areas in clusters around transit stations.

Depending on the station(s) where TOD opportunities exist, a private partner could be responsible for the construction, maintenance and operation of parking facilities, maintenance of stations, and construction, marketing and leasing of mixed use development opportunities which are not part of PennDOT's core services.


Middletown Train Station

On Nov. 24, 2015, Pennsylvania's Public-Private Transportation Partnership (P3) Board approved the Middletown Train Station Project.

Through the project, a private developer will design, build, finance, operate, and maintain parking facilities for a minimum of 400 parking spaces in an 8-acre tract near the newly relocated Amtrak station, as well as undertake possible commerical/retail development. In addition, the partner will design and construct the Emaus Street extension as well as a pedestrian bridge over Route 230 to the Penn State-Harrisburg campus.


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