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Utility Relocation

Utility Coordination involves identification and possible relocation of existing facilities that may be in conflict with proposed highway/bridge projects. Successful utility coordination requires early and frequent communication with utility owners, as well as cooperation and clear identification of the project scope and schedule. The Utility Relocation activities are coordinated by the District and Central Office Utility Relocation Units.
The District Utility Relocation Units are responsible for the clearance of utility facilities on all construction projects in the District and the implementation of the Department's policies and procedures. Utility facilities include all gas, water, sanitary sewers, electric, cable TV, communications, petroleum products pipelines and other facilities that provide a direct or indirect utility service to the public.
The Central Office Relocation Unit is responsible for the coordination and application of the policies and procedures outlined and prescribed by the Department's Design Manual for Utility Relocations, Design Manual Part 5 (DM-5). The Unit also provides the Districts with technical assistance and operational guidance.
The Units work together to develop policies and procedures to accomplish utility relocations and adjustments necessary to accommodate highway construction projects.

Utility Relocation Clearance Transmittals(CT) & Strike-Off Letters (SOL)

PennDOT’s Utility Relocation Electronic Document Management System (UREDMS)

Utility Relocation Forms (see DM-5, Appendix A for additional forms)

Utility Relocation Agreements

Other Utility Relocation Related Sites/Documents

Highway Occupancy Permits