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Hauling Impacts and the Law

Roadway Impacts

Secondary Roads: To protect secondary roadways from vehicle damage, PennDOT is posting weight limits on state roads where hauling is likely to occur. These procedures are intended to benefit hauling industries (ie: logging, coal, natural gas) by providing defined rules and regulations. Companies whose vehicles exceed the weight limit must sign an excess maintenance agreement and put up a bond to use the road, which means they are responsible for the needed excess maintenance repairs.

Main Roads & Highways: Posting and Bonding is not typically applied to main traffic routes that are experiencing increased vehicle traffic. Repairs are being completed on an "as needed" basis and additional cost recovery strategies will be explored.

Law, Regulations and Policy

Law—PA 75 C.S. § 4902(a), Restrictions based on condition of highway or bridge

Regulation—67 Pa Code § 189 Hauling in Excess of Posted Weight Limit.

If a member of the public or another hauler suspects that someone is hauling illegally on a posted road, please call the Pennsylvania State Police or the local law enforcement authorities.