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PennDOT maintains this Report a Concern Web page for the general public to submit concerns and damage to state roadways. The website requests specific information through predetermined fields to assist the website visitor in entering the most important details.

You also have the option to report concerns by telephone at 1-800-FIX-ROAD. When calling, please be as specific as possible to report concerns or damage. In order to locate and address the issue please include the following information: the specific state route (numerical name and street name), the county and municipality, and any other identifying landmarks in the area.

Please see the Posted and Bonded Highways Program Contacts Page for a list of PennDOT personnel with their emails and phone numbers. Additionally, clicking on the specific District on the map below will generate an email to the Posting and Bonding Coordinator responsible for that area.
Matt Vybiral Peter Kempf Dave Neylon Greg Scochin Jack Hubbard Colleen Gambone William Davis Nichole McCombie Brock Heigley Justin Davis-Brown Tom Rebovich
PennDOT Regional Map