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PennDOT's goal is to provide a transportation system that is not only safe and convenient for the public, but also environmentally conscious.  To that end, the Department provides technical assistance and quality assurance support in the areas of waste management, pollution prevention, and recycling.

Strategic Environmental Management Program (SEMP)

SEMP is an environmental management system that ensures PennDOT employees and business partners continue appropriate environmental stewardship in everyday maintenance practices. Three areas of focus include Winter Services, Stockpile and Garage Management, and Maintenance Operations. SEMP establishes best management practices within maintenance to make certain PennDOT follows the key principles of the Green Plan Policy, protects the environment, conserves resources,and complies with environmental laws and regulations.

strategic recycling Program (SrP) 

PennDOT initially developed the SRP in June 2000 as a tool to systematically identify, evaluate and implement recycling opportunities throughout Pennsylvania.  PennDOT and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) have operated under a Memorandum of Understanding to promote and support recycled materials in state highway construction and maintenance projects. The ultimate objective of the SRP is to realize economic savings and environmental enhancement to PennDOT and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania through the continued development of pollution prevention, recycling, and sound environmental management practices. The five key areas of focus include: Research, Specifications, Projects, Outreach, and Contracting.