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Excess Maintenance Agreement

For the convenience of the haulers, PennDOT developed a Step-by-Step Guide to Bonding a Posted Road to reference when acquiring a permit to exceed the posted weight limit. Below, haulers can also find an overview on posting and bonding, along with the forms, applications and billing information. Haulers should work with the applicable District Posting and Bonding Coordinator each step of the way.


Posting and Bonding Overview 

A posted roadway is any state or locally owned highway that has a weight restriction. The need for a weight restriction is determined through an engineering and traffic study (Publication 46) which examines the existing roadway conditions, including the pavement structure. The study will determine if increased traffic would weaken a roadway and therefore if the roadway should be posted. If a hauler wants to utilize a posted roadway, they must determine if they classify as local traffic or qualify for local determination. If they do not qualify for either of these classifications, the hauler can apply for a permit which requires an Excess Maintenance Agreement (EMA) with a bond. 

An EMA ensures that the hauler completes any maintenance beyond the normal routine work. If the hauler does not complete the required maintenance, then their permit will be suspended. As part of the EMA and bonding process, an on-site inspection is completed by PennDOT to document the pre-existing condition of the roadway. 

Depending on the type of hauling operation, one of the three types of permits is selected. For more information please review Publication 23, Chapter 15 of the Maintenance Manual that details the permitting requirements. Below are links to the applicable forms and applications. 


Exhibit B: Right to Know Law Provision (PDF)



Exhibit E: Proof of Security* Irrevocable Letter of Credit (M-4902LC) (PDF) or Performance Bond (M-4902PB) (PDF)
*Additional forms of security may be acceptable. Contact the District Office for additional options.

This form* shall be completed and returned with the EMA only if you the USER are responsible to make all damage repairs (Option B in the EMA), and not the Department.
*The USER has the option to Self-Insure. Please contact the Program Manager for an application.

This form is required to add/drop a permit for a specific posted State Route.

Other forms the user may need throughout the EMA: