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Potential Use and Applications for Reclaimed Millings

Purpose:  Identify and document economically viable uses for milled asphalt material.

Construction - Project No:  WO 4

Image of Soil - Project W04 - Potential Use and Applications for Reclaimed Millings

PennDOT District 1 has been extracting a portion of milled asphalt material from paving operations to produce an asphalt coated chipping stone, but this leaves 50-60% of the material as a byproduct. This remaining material may have a range of potential uses. This project will investigate the most economically useful ways to return the largest benefit from this material for maintenance applications.​​

In support of PennDOT's Strategic Goals:

  • Leverage resources to maximize effectiveness and efficiency
  • Promote continuous improvement and innovation

Anticipated Outcomes

  • The necessary detail to implement additional ways to use milled asphalt material.
  • Design criteria for how to implement uses that are identified.

Implementation Plan
Once PennDOT District 1 has received the information on ways to beneficially use this material, some or all of the options will be tested and evaluated in a field application. Those that provide the greatest utility and cost savings will be implemented in District 1 counties. When the benefits of these practices have been proven, this information will be shared with other districts. 

​PennDOT Technical Advisor:
​Douglas Schofield
Project Duration:
​May 2013 – Apr 2016
Research Partner:
​Pennsylvania State University
Principal Investigator:
Shelley Stoffels
Project Cost: