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Pennsylvania Motorcycle Data Study

Purpose:  The purpose of this project is to identify individuals who have one or more registered motorcycle(s),  and if those individual have a valid motorcycle license as indicated in PennDOT's driver license database.  Upon identifying those individuals, this project will cross match those records to determine if those individuals have received any Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program (PAMSP) motorcycle safety training.  In addition, this project will look at motorcycle crashes and fatalities, and cross match if those individuals who have been involved in a motorcycle crash/fatality, have received any motorcycle safety training from PAMSP to determine if there is any correlation among a lack of motorcycle endorsement, training, and an increase in number of motorcycle crashes and the severity of those crashes. Lastly, this project will attempt to determine if there is a correlation between increased helmet use and having received training and holding the proper motorcycle endorsement.

Operations and Safety - Project No: RFP 3516R07

Anticipated Outcomes
Depending on project results, revisions to current policies may be implemented.

​PennDOT Technical Advisor:
​Laura Krol
Project Duration:
July 2019 - July 2020
Research Contractor:
Stonewall Analytics, LLC
Principal Investigator:
Chad Smith
Project Cost: