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Multi-Vehicle Motorcycle Crashes: Mitigating Crash Risk for the Motorcyclists


 The purpose of this project is to investigate the relative factors that are implicated in multi-vehicle motorcycle crashes to determine any strategies or best practices that can be shared with our motorcyclists in order to help mitigate their crash risk.  Results from this study would help the Department specially promote strategies and best practices for motorcyclists to follow, which could potentially prevent multi-vehicle motorcycle crashes thus saving motorcyclists lives.

Construction - Project No: 3517R02

Anticipated Outcomes

It is anticipated that this study will seek to identify trends and risk factors associated with multi-vehicle motorcycle crashes through the analysis of crash data and solicited feedback from motorists and motorcyclists and provide strategies and recommendations to reduce the number of multi-vehicle motorcycle crashes, along with a plan for statewide deployment of recommendations.  

PennDOT Technical Advisor:
​Laura Krol
Project Duration:
Research Contractor:
​Stonewall Analytics. LLC
Principal Investigator:
Chad Smith / Todd Leroux
Project Cost: