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GRS-IBS Specification Modification

Purpose:  To provide recommendations to update the current GRS-IBS Bridge Design standard (BD-697M) to allow for safe, alternative hydraulic design and scour mitigation processes while maintaining the cost-effectiveness of the technology.

Design - Project No: PSU WO 012

Anticipated Outcomes

The anticipated outcome for this project is to provide recommendations for updates to the current GRS-IBS Bridge Design standard, BD-697M. 

These updates will be derived from collection and reporting of GRS-IBS information and specifications from other states and organizations who have implemented the technology.  Four sub-tasks including; design parameters, depth of embedment requirements, scour mitigation techniques, and alternative facing materials are the primary focus of the investigation. Information from these tasks will be the supporting documentation for the final recommendations identified above.

​PennDOT Technical Advisor:
​Kristin Langer
Project Duration:
​2/20/2019 - 3/20/2020
Research Contractor:
​Pennsylvania State University
Principal Investigator:
Ming Xiao
Project Cost: