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Flexible Microsurfacing

Purpose:  Analyze and evaluate various flexible microsurfacing application systems as improved and cost effective pavement preservation techniques compared to conventional microsurfacing techniques.

Construction - Project No:  110407

Image of road workers - flexible microsurfacing Other Project Purposes

​Field test these systems with a pilot demonstration project in PennDOT's District 8-0.

​This research will establish how to specify the product, how to test and place the product, and how to evaluate the quality of the finished product.

In support of PennDOT's Strategic Goals:

    • Leverage resources to maximize effectiveness and efficiency
    • Continually increase efficiency           
    • Promote continuous improvement and innovation  

Anticipated Outcomes

    • Guidelines, specifications, and quality procedures for future use of flexible microsurfacing in Pennsylvania.
    • Updated PennDOT manuals, publications, and related documents.

Implementation Plan

    • Presentation: The research team will prepare and conduct a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes the results of the field testing.

    • Update PennDOT Specifications and Publications: The research team will update PennDOT specifications and publications to incorporate flexible microsurfacing systems.

    • Training: The research team will use the information collected during the pilot test (photos, videos, etc.) to develop training materials for specifying, construction monitoring, quality evaluation, and field evaluation of flexible microsurfacing, to be presented in training sessions at two PennDOT locations. 

​PennDOT Technical Advisor:
​John Hocker
Project Duration:
July 2012 – January 2015
Research Partner:
Applied Research Associates, Inc
Principal Investigator:
Shreenath Rao
Project Cost: