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Electronic Construction Model Definition

Purpose:  Identify, quantify and prioritize construction requirements for an electronic design model to increase quality and safety while reducing cost and construction time within the construction process.

Construction - Project No: TEM WO 002

Other Project Purposes

Three Dimensional (3D) models can bring substantial benefits for PennDOT; however, it is unclear what criteria needs to be met by 3D models to be of optimal use to the construction community.

Anticipated Outcomes

    1. Detailed report describing PennDOT's current 3D model experience and documentation (including providing quality assurance for the model, training materials, specifications, consultant deliverable guidance, contract language (DOT to consultants/contractors) and lessons learned and remaining work in these areas.

    2. Flow chart/decision tree for 3D data type and usage

    3. Detailed report describing contractor, fabricator, and surveyor 3D model experience and needs

    4. Comprehensive implementation plan for effectively implementing 3D models in the construction and post-construction phases  

    5. A roadmap for optimizing use of 3D models in design, construction and maintenance including business models, policies and 3D model criteria.

PennDOT Technical Advisor:
​Deborah Reihart
Project Duration:
​January 4, 2019 - February 3, 2020
Research Contractor:
​Temple University
Principal Investigator:
Joseph Thomas Coe, Jr., Ph.D
Project Cost: