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Cross Asset Management Tools

Design - Project No: TEM 014

Purpose:  PennDOT will soon need a framework for performing cross asset optimization of our two largest asset classes, bridges and pavements, so that the agency can prioritize work between the two under the Lowest Life Cycle Cost methodology (LLCC).
PennDOT is currently in the final stages of implementation of both bridge and pavement asset management systems.  These systems perform complex analysis on our existing data sets and provide a prioritized list of recommended projects that is based on LLCC.  While these systems work well independently, the agency needs a way to achieve the following:

  • create realistic combined projects based on outputs of both systems

  • projects must be LLCC based and financially constrained

  • framework must be transparent, robust and follow all current transportation industry standard

Anticipated Outcomes

PennDOT will receive a report that:

  • details the potential frameworks that are applicable to this application

  • recommends a specific framework with justification

  • provides an example analysis using the recommended framework on a small data set
    Additionally, we anticipate assistance in the logic portion of implementing the recommended framework into our Enterprise Project Optimization System.

PennDOT Technical Advisor:
Justin Bruner
Project Duration:
3/20/20 - 6/25/21
Research Partner:
​Temple University
Principal Investigator:
Julie Drzymalski
Project Cost: