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Bridge Resiliency in Rain Events

Purpose:  The purpose of this project is to look at the changing weather patterns and rainfall intensities and evaluate the potential for scour and damage to our future structures designed using today’s standards.

Design - Project No: E04005 WO 03

Anticipated Outcomes

Recommendations for changes to our designs, materials, publications and standards would be developed, such as, Publication 15M - Design Manual, Part 4; Publication 218M - Bridge Design Standard; and Publication 219M - Bridge Construction Standards to include:

  1.  Recommend revisions to design values to account for climate change. Develop language to provide guidance on the potential for future development and its influence on flooding.
  2.  Recommend new scour design flood criteria. 
  3.  Recommend revisions to foundation designs to resist increased scour including soil structure interaction. 
  4.  Recommend backfill material at abutments. 
  5.  Recommend improvement to the construction process around the abutments. 
  6.  Evaluate the cost differences between current standards and practices and potential recommended changes considering the cost of future repairs due to flood damage if the current standards and practices are kept. 

PennDOT Technical Advisor:
Nikki Krise
Project Duration:
24 Months
Research Partner:
​Lehigh University
Principal Investigator:
Clay Naito
Project Cost: