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Approved Products for Low Volume Local Roads

Purpose:  Evaluate products submitted by vendors for designation as “eligible products” for use on Pennsylvania’s lower volume local roads.

Construction - Project No:  100604

Other Project Purposes Picture of Publication 447 - Approved Products for Low Volume Local Roads

  • Verify that eligible products are less costly over the life cycle of product use and more applicable for the traffic type and volume on lower volume local roads than similar products listed in Publication 408: Highway Construction Specifications.

  • For eligible products, develop specifications for use.

The "eligible products" designation allows local governments to procure these products using liquid fuels funding.

In support of PennDOT’s Strategic Goals:

  • Leverage resources to maximize effectiveness
  • Continually increase efficiency
  • Promote continuous improvement and innovationAnticipated

Anticipated Outcomes

    1. Up to 10 new products will be evaluated (2 per year).
    2. 20 products already part of Publication 447: Approved Products for Lower Volume LocalRoads will be re-evaluated.
    3. Eligible products will be included in Publication 447, along with specifications for use.
    4. A report for each product evaluated will include data analyses.

Implementation Plan

Each product that passes the evaluation process and becomes an eligible product will proceed through the clearance transmittal process. Once any necessary revisions are made to the product based on comments received through clearance transmittal, the product will be added to Publication 447. Municipal Services Representatives will inform municipalities about newly eligible products.

PennDOT Technical Advisor:
Bonnie Fields
Project Duration:
June 2011– June 2016
Research Partner:
​Pennsylvania State University
Principal Investigator:
Barry Scheetz,
Mansour Solaimanian
Project Cost: