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Energy and Environment Initiatives

Fast Act Corridor Designations

The Federal Highway Administration designates national plug-in electric vehicle charging and hydrogen, propane, and natural-gas-fueling corridors in strategic locations along major highways to improve the mobility of alternative fuel vehicles. PennDOT has participated in the nomination of alternative fuel corridors to improve mobility of passenger and commercial vehicles that employ alternative fueling technologies across the commonwealth. To date, more than 1,800 miles of PA roadway have been designated as alternative fuels corridors for at least one fuel type.

You can learn more on the Federal Alternative (ALT) Fuel Corridors website

Alternative Fuels Corridor Deployment Plan

Pennsylvania has been selected by the Federal Highway Administration to participate in two of five Alternative Fuel Deployment plan projects.  PennDOT coordinated the submission of an application to develop a plan to establish compressed natural gas (CNG) and electric vehicle (EV) fueling infrastructure along parts of I-81 and I-78 in eastern PA in response to the Alternative Fuels Corridor Deployment Plan solicitation. PennDOT was also a part of a multi-state application to create an deployment plan to increase EV and CNG fueling infrastructure along I-80. All of the states connected by I-80 between Iowa and NJ elected to participate in that proposal led by Illinois DOT.

PennDOT's I-81 & I-78 Alternative Fuel Deployment Plan

January 2020 – Kickoff Meeting Held

March 2020 – Outreach to Drive Electric PA Coalition

July 2021 - Final Plan Report Release


In July 2019 the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) announced an applied research funding opportunity for transportation agencies to assist with planning for the deployment of alternative vehicle fueling and charging facilities along Interstate corridors across the nation with the goal of filling gaps and designating corridors as "ready" as defined by the criteria established under FHWA's Alternative Fuels Corridor (AFC) Program. The projects have three main goals:

  1. Development of a Corridor Deployment Plan
  2. Designation of Corridors as "Ready"
  3. Development of Public-Private Partnerships

The Drive Electric PA Coalition (DEPA)

Efforts to promote electric vehicle adoption are increasing nationally as more states and cities see the value of reduced greenhouse gas emissions and the potential for new economic opportunities. The DEP Energy Programs Office began collaborating in 2016 with PennDOT and stakeholders statewide in a planning process intended to increase the acceptance and adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) by state government agencies, local governments, businesses, industry, and the general public in Pennsylvania.